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ORSC Works In Progress

Internet DNS organizational model

This document was originally titled INTERNET DNS GOVERNANCE MODEL. We changed the title and all internal references to read "organizational" in place of "governance". To our minds, governance is something that goverments do. Private industry doesn't govern. It organizes. The distinctions are subtle but important. Private industry works by agreements that are transcribed as contracts between parties. Governments enact laws and regulations which are then applied to their subjects with powers of enforcement and how they are implemented.


Registry code of ethics

The document outlines the "Good DNS keeping seal of approval" that is how we envision registries to self regulate their industry.


Domain name holders bill of rights

Adjacent to the COR is this document that desribes the rights and responsibilities of domain name holders.


Towards a possible names council organization

This document describes an initial point to a series of successive approximations for what might be a names council. It was originally drafted and presented at the IFWP conference in Singapore.


What are the issues?

What is all the fuss about, anyway ? There's not that meany issues really, but they are amazingly complex. We've tried to enumerate them, here.

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