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Open Root Server Confederation Mailing Lists

The problem with the dns is not the technology, it's the personalities of the people involved. Any idiot with the O'Reily book can set up a root or TLD server, the catch is to get the rest of the world to use it. This requires "consensus".

There have been numerous attempts to resolve this issue with mailing lists - the preferred choice for collaborative work on the Internet - and all have failed miserably. The two main reasons for this are abusive tone, when diplomacy was called for, and lack of any iterative definition and resolution of issues. In short there was not enough structure.

The challenge is to provide enough structure to keep some semblance of order without it turning into a cold, faceless beaurocracy.

The organization of these lists represents an attempt at that workable structure.


Overall coordination.

This is the top level or "meta" list that serves to coordinate the activities of the other lists and as a central coordination mechanism for all the other lists.


The engineering department.

This list is for discussion of the technical aspects of our efforts.


The legal department

This mailing list is concerned with legal aspects of the what we are doing and is primarily concerned with trademark issues, but all legal aspects of what we are doing can be discussed here.


The administrative branch.

This list is for discussion of administrative activities of our proposal. This list additionally serves the role to coordinate activities regarding administration of the list such as additions to the list and so forth.


The marketing department.

This list is for discussion of significant DNS phenomena in the press, both our own efforts and other events. Most press releases about DNS show up here, and this area also serves to coordinate press releases from the group as a whole and as a sounding board for press releases individual members make on their own behalf.


Rules for civil discourse

Anybody may participate in the discussion but civil discourse is expected. Here you will find spelled out in black and white exactly what that means. Agreement to these rules is a prerequisite to joining any of these lists. In a nutshell, the rules say "be nice".


Why there are five lists

It may seem odd there are five mailing lists to discuss one seemingly simple topic. Here you will find out why there are five lists and what the structure and process is that governs them.


Related DNS mailing lists

There are some other mailing lists that have emerged recently as part of the GIAW/IFWP process. They are documented here.

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The open-rsc is a project by, of and for the Internet community.

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