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Essays on the DNS by Einar Stefferud


Send the naughy children to their rooms

I have been watching the DNS Wars and the US Government's struggle to find a rational policy framework for stopping the DNS war and returning the Internet to its peaceful invasion of the global society and its global economy.

From my point of view, this DNS war is just so much silly noise, but as long as enough people take it seriously it can mount into a real crisis, so here is a proposal for the US Government to take actions to just stop the war and promote peaceful resolution of whatever real DNS problems actually exist.


US Government NOI

In my view, the problems of choosing what Top Level Domain Names should be operationally installed at the Internet's DNS ROOT level have clearly been on the horizon ever since the DNS ROOT was created. It was only a matter of time before one or another of the limited set of original Top Level Name (TLD) registries accumulated a huge number of registered names, large enough to be perceived as threatening to the ability of the Internet to continue to operate. In part, this observation stems from early recognition by some of us Internauts that the originally chosen names (.COM, .GOV, .MIL, .ORG, .EDU) were not going to meet all the global requirements of people and organizations to select a desirable DNS identity associated with such a small list of "generic" names. From the beginning, DNS names, as used for Internet Addressing, were obviously going to create a new medium for establishment of name identities, and we all know how people feel about protecting "their good names!"


Global Sense Musings (on the Internet Paradigm)

What I think is missing is recognition of a major paradigm shift, which by and large, everyone is missing. Let me try to explain.



National Telecommunications and Information Administration
                            Washington, DC 20230
       In the Matter of                    )
       Improvement of Technical Management ) Docket No. 980212036-8036-01
       of Internet Names and Addresses     )
       Comments of Einar Stefferud


Where we are today

A synopsis of where the top level domain community is at circa 2001

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