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Misc. ORSC essays

Some Notes On Small Group Dynamics

By Kay Shapiro

Specifically, I want to talk about what may be described as subcultures, or hobby groups; groups of individuals bound together by a common interest or theme, in which membership is voluntary. Such things as chess and bridge leagues, folk dancing clubs, the SCA, science fiction fandom in general, and furry fandom in particular. This as opposed to cultural enclaves, where members from a completely different culture can be found living inside of the territory of another culture but paying as little heed as possible to the imperatives of the other culture, or ghettoization where members of a particular culture are forced into a subculture by some characteristic or characteristics which are seen by the larger culture as forming an obvious bond, and as being strange at best, unsavory at worst.


Freedom from fear

by Aung San Suu Kyi

The following was first released for publication by the editor to commemorate the European Parliament's award to Aung San Suu Kyi of the 1990 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. The award ceremony took place in her absence at Strasbourg on 10 July 1991. In the same week the essay appeared in full or in part in The Times Literary Supplement, the New York Times, the Far East Economic Review, the Bangkok Post, the Times of India and in the German, Norwegian and Icelandic press.


Links to other important works

Here are some links to other works we consider to be significant.


Colgate picks on, then backs off.

"Ahoy to Ye, My Dearest Swabbie Bret [Parker, a Colgate attorney]," Kite wrote back. "I suggest that you dig up Sophocles and Ovid, and sue them, since they have written poems and plays bearing the same name."


Legacy Systems

That's the way it's always been. Take 5 monkeys and a hose that sprays ice cold water and... read on.



Sarcastically referred to as the "Buggy Internet Name Daemon" there are now cedible replacements for BIND. Here is some compelling advocacy for DJBDNS.

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