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Essays by Mikki Barry

Essays by Mikki Barry


Testimony of the Domain Name Rights Coalition and Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

Thanks to the Committee for providing the opportunity to provide feedback to the Senate regarding the role of ICANN and the Commerce Department in the ongoing battle for Internet governance. Although you have received letters from others who attempt to downplay ICANN's role, make no mistake; it goes far beyond that of technical management and enters the realm of a regulatory body. ICANN's policy will affect commerce, freedom of expression, and likely stifle the very medium it seeks to regulate. ICANN has not provided an accurate picture of the Internet world to the Committee. We felt it was necessary to correct and explain much of what they reported to you in response to your questions.


With Regards To The Announcement

I thought I would save everyone a bit of time by translating the announcement:

paragraph by paragraph, into what it really means

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