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It is important to note that the poeple involved here do not have the same end goal. Some would like to run a registry, some are here as observers to keep their industries, organizations and governments appraised of noticeable phenomena in the DNS. However, all are interested in seeing the long-standing tradition of "rough consensus and running code" prevail the Internet development process, and all agree to our rules of civil discourse

Einar Stefferud is Founder (1969) and President of Network Management Associates. His firm provides Strategic Technical and Management Advisory Information Services on internet environments. He is a Founder (1994) of First Virtual Holdings Incorporated which operates an Internet Payment System since 15 October 1994. His engagements include working with all levels of management to deal with the full range of policy, planning, organization, architecture, implementation, and operating issues. His practice includes strategic planning for governance of Internet infrastructures resulting in long-range and short-term planning documents. He has authored a number of RFC's and was instrumental in the early development of email mailing lists. Stef is our spiritual leader.

RS79 Richard Sexton is the founder of VRx Network Services, Inc. and has written software since 1970 primarily in the areas of scientific, process control and networking. His consulting clients include the likes of Canada Post, Bell+Howell and Sony. In the eighties ran a "backbone" usenet node in Los Angeles and was one of the first 1000 people to obtain a domain name.; his involvement with the domain name issue goes back to 1985. He has been involved with naming systems on the Internet for 10 years in the area of UseNet newsgroup taxonomy and was involved in the development of Usenet II. Sexton studied at the University of Waterloo. Maintains the root zone file, "A root" and ORSC websites and mailing lists. All blame can be placed here.

BKR Brian K. Reid is the President of the Society of Archbishop Justus, which has for years concerned itself with domain naming of churches, a former professor at Stanford University and a current professor at Carnegie Mellon. For his PhD thesis he invented the SCRIBE document database system which begat SGML which begat HTML. Reid was one of the founders of Adobe corporation and has for years maintained the Usenet measurement project for the Internet community. Reid registered the first commercial domain name, and has a PhD from Carnegie Mellon. A more complete biography can be found here. Backup spiritual leader.

DS7461 Dan Steinberg is involved in issues of convergence between technology and law. The interface is constantly changing and currently includes Year 2000 legal/technical issues, domain name/trademark conflict and data warehouse issues. Dan is counsel to a number of organizations on Year 2000 legal issues and speaks on this topic to both public and private sector audiences. In addition, Dan is active as a legal educator, providing MCLE-approved courses on Internet Legal Resources and upcoming workshops on Year 2000 legal issues. Dan formed SYNTHESIS: Law & Technology as a loose association of global multidisciplinary talent. Current expertise available at the firm includes legal, medical, accounting, translation, project management and strategic planning. Dan's education includes an LLB from Université de Montréal, an MBA from McGill University and a BSc from Concordia University.

Kenneth H. Fockler is the President of Tenac Consulting, a company he founded in 1997 after wrapping up CA*net Networking Inc where he was President from 1992 to 1997. CA*net was a federally incorporated non-profit organization of regional networks in Canada who came together to create and manage a national backbone network in Canada originally connected to the NSFnet. Prior to CA*net Ken was with IBM Canada and was instrumental in founding NetNorth in 1984, a coast to coast university network connected to BITNET and EARN. In 1996 Ken helped establish CAIP, the Canadian Association of Internet Providers, and served as the first chairman. From 1992 to 1997 Ken served on the board of directors of CANARIE, a not-for-profit industry-led corporation with over 140 fee-paying members and a 21 Member Board representing private and public sectors. In 1996 Ken received the Chairman's Award from the Canadian Business Telecommunications Association, for his outstanding contribution to the Canadian Telecommunications Industry. Ken currently works with clients such as CANARIE, Bell Canada and Industry Canada and his involvement here is as an observer in oversight advisory capacity.

AMR25Anthony M. Rutkowski possesses degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Law. Over the past thirty years, he has held many positions which dealt with many of the issues raised in the inquiry, including Chief of International Telecommunication Regulations and Relations Between Members at the International Telecommunication Union, FCC Engineer, Adjunct Professor at New York Law School (teaching the graduate program in international telecommunications law), Research Associate at MIT, and industry positions with General Magic, Sprint, Horizon House, Pan American Engineering, and General Electric. He has enjoyed leadership positions in many diverse Internet, WWW, legal, and telecommunication organizations, has appeared on several occasions as an expert witness before committees of the U.S. Congress, and authored scores of related published articles and several books. He is presently Vice President of Internet Business Development at General Magic, Inc, of Sunnyvale, California

CJA13Christopher Ambler is a founder of Image Online Design, Inc., has been active in Internet development since 1985, having worked on UUCP and other early networking systems. He helped form Image Online Design, Inc. in 1994 to help businesses establish presences on the Internet and World Wide Web. He is the architect of the .web Internet Domain Registry, an Image Online Design, Inc. project since March of 1995. Christopher and his wife Lisa now live in Seattle, Washington, where they both work as software developers.

Jay Jay Fenello is the President and founder of Iperdome, Inc, an Atlanta based company formed to offer Personal Domain Name services under the .per(sm) name and TLD. He has a computer engineering degree from the University of Florida, and experience as a design engineer who has worked on communications projects at IBM. Jay also has an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the University of Arizona, through a program that consistently rates as one of the best in the country. Jay has spent the last several years providing entrepreneurial consulting to assorted small businesses.

Simon Higgs is currently the WWW Architect at the the Department Of Defense, Defense Contract Management District West. His responsibilities include design of the technology infrastructure for management of a half trillion US dollars in defense contracts. He was invited to become a member of the IAHC, but did not because of the conflict of interest in being a new Top Level Domain applicant. He published an internet draft outlining the introduction of new top level domains and their classifications, which he presented to the IETF. He is the recipient of the CommerceNet '96 VIP Award for Best Online Community, and created the online presence for ex-Tangerine Dream, Christopher Franke's Babylon 5 TV Show soundtrack, as well as MacTech Magazine for the Macintosh programming community. He also created the online presence for semiconductor distributor Marshall Industries, which was instrumental in their growth to over a billion US dollars annually.

Tressa Kirby has been in management at the senior level for the past 10 years and specializes in process and policy. She has helped run some of Canada largest and most successful companies with names like Nelvana and Canadian Tire and was the co-founder of Canada's first web company in 1993 and remains a consultant. She has spent the last three years analyzing the domain issue for corporate clients; Kirby studied at the University of Toronto.

Dan Gahlinger is a has been involved with computers and networks since 1976 having worked for such companies as Kodak, Bell Canada, Sprint and McAfee. Co-author of tcp-mail (the predecessor to elm), he also created and maintains the SANS intrusions database, and is also the author of the SETDNS tool for Windows. After being Global MIS manager for a PC manufacturer for 4 years, and building one of Canada's first private nation-wide frame-relay networks in early 1994 he has returned to the research and development field in the area of advanced routing protocols.
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